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It was the end of a long day of teaching and healing by the Sea of Galilee.  Evening had come, but still the crowds did not want to leave.  Jesus was exhausted.  After dismissing the people, He asked His disciples to take Him to a quiet, hidden place on the other side of the lake.  Quickly they pushed their boats away from the shore and headed out.  Already people were filling other boats to follow them.  

As soon as the boat sailed, Jesus lay down in the back of the boat and fell asleep.  What began as a calm, pleasant evening quickly turned into a stormy night.  The wind suddenly began to howl, driving the little boat into wild waves that grew larger and stronger by the minute.  The other boats that had followed were caught in the same storm.  

The disciples were experienced fishermen.  They had guided their boats through many rough storms.  But all their strength and experience made no difference in the face of this angry storm.  Their boat seemed about to sink and they were helpless to stop it.  Working so hard to save the boat and their own lives, the disciples forgot that Jesus was on board.  

Now, certain that they were going to die, they remembered.  Jesus was their only hope.  “Master, Master,” they shouted from where they held on for dear life.  But the wind drowned out their voices and there was no response.  Now their doubts and fears got stronger.  Was Jesus unable to help them?  Did He not care enough to bother saving them?  Again they called out to Him, but the only answer was the shrieking wind.  With no hope, they stared into the black water that would soon be their grave.


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