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              When we are born again, our minds become like His.  We will stop striving for glory or honor.  We will only want to learn from Jesus, at His feet.  We will understand that the value of our efforts depends on the blessings of the Holy Spirit, not on us.  When we surrender our will to Jesus, He shares our burdens ~ He takes our stresses and worries.  Then we will have His peace.  

Nothing in this world can hold us down in depression when Jesus is in our hearts.  

               Our lives may seem like a tangled mess at times, but when we surrender them to Jesus, He will weave the strands of experience into a pattern that shows His glory.  Lives that reflect the glory and the character of Jesus will be at home in heaven.  

              In fact, heaven begins here on earth when we accept Jesus as our Savior.  As we learn to follow Him, to be like Him, we begin to experience the joy of eternal life.  The more we know about God, the happier our lives will be.  As we walk with Jesus here, we can feel His love.  

Heaven begins as we feel His presence here.


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