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             Jesus asks only that we ~ follow His way.  He said, ” ‘ The teaching that I ask you to accept is easy, the load I give you to carry is light’ ” (Matthew 11:30;).  

             He wants us to live by the law that He offers to write on our hearts.  When we follow His way, we follow His will ~ that is we live by what Jesus would do, rather than the sinful way we would choose for ourselves.  This is the way Jesus lived while He was n earth.  He said, “I came from heaven to follow My Father’s plan, not My own.”  

            In the same way, we can follow Jesus’ way instead of our own.  We create much of our own stress and unhappiness when we try to live by the rules and customs of the world around us.  Pursuing possessions and power, we wound our own hearts and add regrets to the burdens we already carry.  But God wants us to give up our worries and burdens and to trust Him.  

           If we put honoring and serving God first in our lives, we will find that our heavenly Father has a thousand ways in which to care for us, that we know nothing about.  His teachings will free us from the wrong ideas, bad habits, poor behavior ~ and will train in preparation for heaven.  Jesus’ heart was always at peace.  He was not excited by praise or depressed by criticism.  He kept His courage even in the face of danger or rejection.  But many who follow Him are worried and anxious because they are afraid to trust God.  

God’s peace can come only with complete surrender.  The troubles of this world cannot destroy us when Jesus is with us.  


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