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While Jesus was teaching, His disciples brought HIM a message ~ HIS mother and brothers were outside and they wanted to see HIM.  But Jesus did not go out to see them.  Instead He asked, “Who is My mother and who are My brothers?”  

He pointed to His disciples.  “Here is My family.  Whoever does as My Father wishes is a brother, a sister, and a mother to Me.”  When people accept Jesus by faith, that relationship is closer than if they were related to Him by family ties.  Mary was more closely related to Jesus by her faith in His mission than she was by being His mother.  

Of all the rejection Jesus felt from humans, the most painful was the rejection in His own childhood home.  His brothers did not understand Him or His mission, and thought they could teach Jesus about God ~ not realizing that Jesus WAS God.  It also bothered them that Jesus seemed to be in disagreement with the Pharisees, they also wanted Him to stop claiming that God had given Him the right to do and say what He did.  It sounded crazy, besides they knew that the Pharisees were looking for reasons to have Jesus arrested and killed ~ and it did not surprise them.  

Instead of a supportive family, Jesus had a family that constantly criticized and hurt HIM.  It was so painful at times, that often He was glad to be somewhere else.  He loved visiting the home of Lazarus, Mary, and Martha.  The atmosphere there of faith and love, made it a place where He felt comfortable.  

But many times He could find true rest only when He was alone communicating with His father.  

If we find ourselves suffering through criticism and anger at home because of our faith, we can find comfort in knowing that Jesus faced the same at home.  Knowing that we do not face our pain alone; we are not orphans.  Jesus invites them to call His Father their Father.  He loves them more than any human parent could love their very own child.  

In the Jewish society, if a person had to sell himself or herself as a servant to pay his debts, his closest relative could save him by buying back his freedom.  To save us, Jesus became our closest Relative ~ closer than any father, mother, brother, sister, or lover.  We cannot understand His kind of love ~ but we can know that it is real, and we can reveal it by ~ loving others. 


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