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Jesus’ family and friends were worried about HIM ~ they knew that He would stay up all night praying.  And that He would spend all day in the crowds, teaching and healing without even taking time to eat.  Bottom line, Jesus’ brothers ~ the sons of Joseph, did not support HIS mission~ and had never taken the time in trying to understand HIM.  Now they were upset, because they were being blamed for some of the things He said against the Pharisees.  

Every sin can be forgiven, but it is the Holy Spirit that touches our hearts and leads us to want forgiveness.  When the Pharisees rejected the Holy Spirit’s work they were cutting off the channel that God could use to touch their hearts.  Each time a human rejects His light, the human is blinded just a little more, and the next ray of His light is easier to reject.  It is the slippery slope that leads a person away from God.  The Jewish leaders were becoming more and more controlled by Satan.  

Jesus’ also warned against using careless and evil words.  Sometimes ~ with Satan’s influence ~ we can say things we don’t really believe.  Yet, when we hear them, they seem more reasonable, more believable.  Like the Jewish leaders, we may be too proud to admit that we are wrong and find ourselves trapped in SIN.  It is so dangerous to carelessly criticize the truth of God.  From there it can be a short path to criticizing and rejecting the Holy Spirit, the power that draws us to God.  

Jesus added a warning to those who had been freed from a demon.  If they did not fill their hearts with God’s love, that demon and others might return to possess them again.  The same thing can happen to us today.  If we find freedom from Satan by accepting God’s love, but do not surrender ourselves to HIS will, we may find ourselves controlled by Satan again.  

Our only defense against evil is Jesus living in our hearts.  We might have the will power to stop bad habits for a short time, but without a real connection to God, we cannot resist selfishness and temptation.  In the end, Satan will claim us as his own.  By rejecting Jesus, the Jewish people committed an unforgivable sin.  By refusing to accept Jesus and His truth, we could be making the same mistake.  We dishonor Jesus before the whole universe when we refuse to listen to His messengers and listen to Satan’s agents instead.  If we keep doing this, we can not hope to be forgiven.  Eventually, we will completely lose interest in God.  


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