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The weeping mother staggered blindly behind, a widow who was burying her only son, her sole source of support, her last hope.  When Jesus saw the woman, He felt compassion for her.  He walked up next to her and gently said, “Don’t cry.”  Then

He reached over and touched the pallet where the dead man was lying.  In a quiet voice that rang with power, a voice that even dead ears could hear, Jesus said, “Young man, I tell you, get up!”  The young man opened his eyes and blinked.  Jesus took his hand and lifted him up ~ and into the embrace of his mother.  The funeral procession turned into a parade of joy.  

The same Jesus who stood beside that grieving mother feels our pain when we lose a loved one.  His words today have just as much power as they did when He spoke to the young man.  His power will someday raise the ones we have lost to death and lead them back to our arms and hearts.  In the same way, His words will save us from spiritual death, Satan cannot hold us as prisoners in sin if we have faith in Jesus’ words of life.  When He tells us to get up and leave our sinful lives, He gives us the power to do it.  

He will raise us all again in the resurrection, it will be a joy-filled life with HIM and a love that never ends.


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