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Although the Roman army officer had never met Jesus, when he heard of HIS teachings, his whole heart responded.  He had been searching for the truth about God, he truly believed that Jesus was the Messiah.  He had a desperate, personal request to make of Jesus, and he really believed that Jesus had the power to answer it.  But, he was such in awe of Jesus that he did not feel he should speak to HIM in person.

The Roman army officer had a servant who was sick ~ in fact, nearly dead.  The officer had grown to love his servant, and could not bear to think of him dying.  He was convinced by the stories he had heard that Jesus could heal his servant.  The officer had begged the Jewish elders to ask Jesus for this miracle.  He thought that since they knew this great Teacher, they would know best how to ask HIM.

So as Jesus walked into Capernaum that day, the elders met HIM.  “Heal this man’s servant,” they asked.  “He loves the Jewish people, so much so that he has even donated enough money to build our synagogue.  He deserves this favor.”  Jesus began walking toward the officer’s house, but with the crowd surrounding HIM, He moved very slowly.  When the officer heard what was happening, he sent a message:  “LORD, I am not worthy for YOU to enter my house.”  But Jesus kept going.


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