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Jesus showed that the Ten Commandments reach deeper than just our actions.  By holding hate in your heart, you place yourself on a path to murder.  Hate brakes the commandment against killing someone.  It is not sinful for a Christian to be angry when God’s name is disrespected or innocent people are repressed.  But you cannot be angry over every issue and be in harmony with heaven.  

God’s dream for what HIS children can be is greater that we can ever imagine.  ” ‘So you must be perfect,’ ” [Matthew 5:48].  It is a promise.  God’s plan to save goes beyond just saving our lives ~ He plans to remake us to be like HIM.  Being tempted is not an excuse for sinning.  Every believing child of God can resist sin as Jesus did.  Jesus is the ladder that Jacob saw in His dream connecting earth to heaven [Genesis 28:12].  

Jesus reaches us wherever we are.  Jesus took our nature and overcame sin so we can take HIS nature and also overcome.  By faith in HIM, we can be perfect like our Father in heaven [Matthew 5:48].  Jesus also mentions practical Christianity.  “Don’t do good deeds or give to the needy just to impress others.  Do these things secretly and only to help those who suffer.  When you pray, talk to God, not to the people around who can hear you.  When you go without food, do it privately.”  God sees what is done in private and HE will reward accordingly.  

The atmosphere of heaven surrounds people who live that kind of life ~ living life as Jesus did ~ walking and working with God.  For them, God’s kingdom has already begun! 


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