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God loves humanity, through HIS law ~ the Ten Commandments.  Whenever we follow these laws, we are protected from the results of doing sinful things.  The Ten Commandments show us the holiness of God’s character in contrast to our own sinfulness.  When are are enabled by the Holy Spirit to see that, we surrender to Jesus and obey.  We find true happiness.  

The ceremonial laws that pointed to the coming Messiah were abolished when Jesus died.  But, the Ten Commandments are as permanent as God’s throne in heaven.Jesus’ life proved that humans can keep God’s law.  Those who break God’s commandments support Satan’s claim that the law cannot be obeyed.  To allow them into heaven would only bring rebellion and war to the universe again, not to mention their own misery in heaven ~ their hatred for anything holy.

The greatest error accepted in Jesus’ day was that simply agreeing to truth made a person righteous, holy.  Just knowing about truth does not change a person’s heart.  History shows that those who claimed to know the most about God often were the cruelest and most evil.  The beliefs of Pharisees ~ experts on religious teachings ~ led them to kill the Messiah.  Anyone who claims to believe in the truth, but is not hones, kind, and patient ~ is a curse to the world around them.


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