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God cares enough to paint the grass green, and the flowers in bright colors ~ though they live only a short while.  He cares so much more for humans who were created in HIS own image !  In God’s book of life, we each have a page that holds everything about our lives.  We are never out of HIS thoughts.  “Do not worry about tomorrow.”  God does not tell us everything about our life’s journey, only what we need to know now ~ strength and wisdom are promised [Matthew 28:28].  

” ‘ Do not judge other people, or you will be judged’ ” [Matthew 7:1].  Since we cannot know what is driving a person from the inside, what the reasons are for his or her behavior, we are not capable of judging fairly.  When we criticize another person, we are only passing sentence on ourselves.  

A good tree bears only good fruit.  Good deeds ~ right actions and decisions ~ are the fruit of a life surrendered to Jesus.  Our good deeds; do not buy our salvation, but they are proof of the faith that is in our hearts.  

Jesus explains the principles of HIS kingdom.  ” ‘ Everyone who hears my words and obeys them is like a wise man who built his house on a rock’ ” [Matthew 7:24].  When the wind and floods came, the house stood strong.  Those who refuse to listen are like a foolish man who built his house on sand.  When trouble comes, his house collapses.  We must build our lives on the principles Jesus gave ~ not on selfishness or human theories.  


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