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Jesus talked about the real pain believers feel when they realize their sinful decisions placed Jesus on the cross.  It is the sadness we feel when the Holy Spirit causes us to understand that every time we choose not to follow HIM, we wound HIM.  Sadness that leads people to turn away from sin and selfishness.  Jesus offers comfort also for those who are sad because of pain, suffering, or loss.  Through suffering, God shows us the weaknesses in our characters and offers HIS power to help us become a new creation in HIM.  

HE is with us in our difficult times, and promises that something good can come from our suffering.  We need not lose our hold on Jesus because of anger or worry when troubles come.  The way may seem dark and sad, but through it God Almighty is leading us to eternal joy.

If we have humility as Jesus did, we can overlook people’s critical remarks or annoying habits.  When we deal with other people’s anger or meanness calmly, we allow God Almighty to show Himself through us.  Even though others may scoff, true humility means knowing who you are ~ a child of God ~ and how important and valuable that makes you.  Humility is the key to a successful Christian life, abiding in HIM.


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