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Jesus sat down on the green grass, this sermon by the Sea of Galilee would especially be for the newly chosen apostles.  To help them correct their mistaken beliefs and understand what the kingdom of heaven was really about.  Jesus rarely spoke to the disciples alone.  HE took every opportunity to encourage and educate everyone who would listen.  

The disciples on the other hand were certain that HE was about to announce HIS kingdom.  The people in the crowd had the same expectations, as they sat on the green hillside filled with dreams of national glory.  The poor farmers and fishermen hoped to trade in their broken-down homes and simple food for mansions and feasts.  Even the Pharisees and rabbis who were there to spy on Jesus, dreamed of the day when they would rule over the Romans and enjoy the riches of the world’s greatest empire.  

Jesus had come to promise them a different kingdom.  HE simply explained to them what kind of people would be welcomed in heaven.  Letting them conclude for themselves what kind of kingdom that must be.  Only the humble at heart can accept the gift of salvation.  Nothing will keep God Almighty from reaching the person who feels a need and asks for help.  The kingdom of heaven can belong to us if we recognize that Jesus paid the price.  Jesus alone can give us the strength and will to follow HIM.


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