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Jesus did not choose angels to lead out in the work of reaching fallen, sinful humans.  He chose people who understood the struggle to surrender, people who showed in their lives what HE had done in their hearts.  As Jesus showed by becoming human, both the human and the divine are needed to bring salvation to our world.  The human followers of Jesus must have HIS divine power in their hearts to bring HIS gospel to others.  

The same One who called fishermen from Galilee, is calling people to do HIS work today.  However imperfect and sinful we are, Jesus offers to teach us and train us to become like HIM.  Connected to HIM, we can do the works of God Almighty.  

All around us are people who are filled with doubt, who do not have enough faith to understand and believe in Someone they cannot see.  But we can be there for them.  Each of us can be someone whose love they can see.  We can connect their weak faith to Jesus.  

God communicates to humans through humans.  Precisely the reason Jesus became a HUMAN.  With our lives surrendered to HIM, angels can speak through our voices to share God’s love for fallen humanity.


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