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God takes people as they are and trains them to do His work if they are willing to learn, surrender, and CHANGE.  The more they learn about Jesus, the more they become like Him.  

The apostles were all very different people:  Matthew, the tax collector; Simon the angry fanatic; impulsive Peter; mean-spirited Judas; Thomas ~ faithful, but frightened and shy; doubtful Philip; the outspoken, sometimes violent James and John, along with all the others.  Mixed together, with the usual human tendencies to selfishness and evil, they should have exploded against each other.  But they had Jesus in common and so they shared love and faith in HIM.  

In the years after Jesus was gone, they had differences of opinion, but with Jesus in their hearts they did not argue and fight.  The closer they were to Jesus, the closer they were to each other, and the more they agreed.  

Early that morning, after instructing them, Jesus gathered that small group close to HIM.  He knelt with them and placed His hands on their heads as He prayed and dedicated each one of them to HIS holy mission.  

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