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Judas, his charm and appearance had led the apostles to believe him becoming an asset to the church.  Hence, they recommended him to Jesus.  Judas was accepted in the group, his story shows us the danger of using worldly standards when measuring a person’s readiness in sharing the Gospel.  He witnessed Jesus’ unselfish love every day and felt the call to surrender his heart to the Savior.  

Although Jesus could read the selfishness in Judas’ heart and see what, unless converted, it would lead him to do, He would never have sent Judas away while there was even the smallest chance to save him.  

Judas had the same opportunities as the other disciples.  But living God’s way conflicted with his plans and desires.  He would not surrender his will to God.  With great tenderness, Jesus reached out to Judas day after day, even though He knew that Judas would betray Him.  While protecting his privacy, Jesus showed Judas over and over that He could read his heart.  He warned him about the dangers of greed and selfishness, but Judas would not let go of his selfish ways.  He held on to his evil desires, his longing for revenge, and his dark thoughts until Satan completely controlled him.  

If Judas had given his heart to Jesus, he might have been one of the leaders of the apostles and of the new church they would create.  But his selfish ambition to have power disqualified him to do God’s work.  


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