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When Jesus called His twelve apostles to meet with Him, He knew their weaknesses; He knew the pride, the anger, the misunderstandings they carried in their hearts.  Jesus spent the whole night praying for them, then as the sun arose, He called them to the mountainside not far from the Sea of Galilee ~ a place He loved.  

“You will be my apostles, my messengers to the world.”  

Although Jesus loved them all, He was closest to John.  His youthful trust led him to understand and accept Jesus’ real mission.  He opened his heart to Jesus and understood the deep, spiritual, life-changing power of the gospel.  It is in John’s writing that Jesus’ love and message are revealed most clearly.  

Although Philip was the first one to whom Jesus said, “Follow Me,” he was slow in believing that Jesus was really the Messiah.  Even up to the last hours before Jesus died, Philip showed doubt.  Instead of accepting Jesus’ words that in knowing Him they could know the Father, Philip asked that Jesus show them the His Father.  Jesus must have shaken His head when He said, ” ‘I have been with you a long time now.  Do you still not know me, Philip?’ ” (John 14:9).  

But Philip was a student in Jesus’ school, and Jesus taught him with great patience.  When the Holy Spirit was poured out on the apostles, Philip became a great evangelist, teaching many people about the Savior.  


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