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” ‘ Which is lawful on the Sabbath day:  to do good or to do evil, to save a life or to kill?’ ” (Mark 3:4).  

There was a saying among the Jews that failing to do good when you had the opportunity was the same as doing evil, that neglecting to save someone’s life was the same as killing that person.  So they knew exactly what Jesus was asking.  But they did not answer His question.  

Jesus was right ~ to keep their rules and traditions, they would let a person suffer on the Sabbath even when they would help an animal.  Like all false religions, this kind of thinking starts with the human desire to be greater than God and ends with humans valued less than animals.  Only the Gospel teaches humans to care for the needs of others.  It places a high value on human beings, for only they have been paid for by the blood of Jesus.  

The Pharisees continued to plan to have Jesus killed.  What a difference they showed between themselves and Jesus ~ while they spent Sabbath plotting to kill, He spent it healing the sick and injured.  

Those who claim that Jesus abolished the Sabbath law when He died on the cross are making the same mistake the Jewish leaders did .  They fail to see that by His death, He honored the Sabbath law by upholding the Ten Commandments of which it is a part.  In both His life and death, Jesus restored the Sabbath to what God had intended.  


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