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At the end of the first week of earth’s history ~ when the world and everything in it was created ~ God looked around at what He had made and said, “This is all very good.”  And so on the seventh day of that first week, God rested.  He blessed the seventh day and made it a holy day, a day for humans to remember God’s love and power.  

The Son of God ~ Jesus ~ did all this creating.  So the Sabbath is a memorial in time to the love and power of Jesus.  The hours of the Sabbath are to bring us close to Him.  We can hear His voice in the songs of birds, in the swaying of the leaves of the trees, in the endless rhythm of the oceans.  The Sabbath gives us the time to recognize the genius and the power behind the creation of a world like ours.  It gives us the time to realize that the Person behind that genius and power loves us and wants to save us and be with us.

After Creation, God’s people remembered His Sabbath and enjoyed the blessings that came with it.  However, in time most forgot the truth about God and His ways.  So the Sabbath was given again at Sinai along with the other Ten Commandments.  And as the principles in those other commandments, the Sabbath was not just for the Israelites, but for everyone.

The Sabbath will continue to be a sign of the Creator’s power and of the Savior’s love as long as the earth revolves and the sun rises and sets.  it will still be celebrated when sin is finally destroyed and the earth is recreated in perfection once more.


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