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One week, while they were going without food along with the Pharisees, John’s disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Why don’t your disciples give up food like we do?”  

Jesus did not try to correct their misunderstanding of the value of going without food for religious purposes.  He only tried to help them understand His mission.  Since John had once told them that Jesus was the Bridegroom while John was the Bridegroom’s friend, Jesus tried to explain it this way, “Why would you make the Bridegroom’s friends go without food while the Bridegroom is still with them?”  

In other words, the Crown Prince of heaven was on earth with His people, sharing the truth of God’s love and His plans.  This was no time for mourning and going without food!!  This was a time for joy !!  

Jesus knew that darker days were coming.  “The day will come when the Bridegroom will be taken away,” He said.  When His disciples and followers would see Jesus betrayed, arrested, and killed, then they would mourn and go without food.  

They would have joy again when He rose from the dead, but even after He left them to return to heaven they could not spend their time mourning and not eating.  There would be days of difficulty, and times that would be more appropriate to go without food, but the Holy Spirit would be with them to keep the joy alive in their hearts.  

Whether He was eating with sinners or going without food in the wilderness, Jesus was giving His life to save the lost.  True devotion is not about going without food to make yourself more holy.  It’s about giving your life away, in service to others.  


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