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Even though Jesus used the idea of “new wine” to illustrate His teachings, it really was not new at all.  It was the same truth that had been taught since the Garden of Eden.  The Pharisees thought that almost everything Jesus did and said was a new teaching, but that was because they studied their own traditions more than the Scriptures.  They would never be able to understand or accept Jesus’ teaching until they were willing to give up their old traditions and beliefs.  

Many today leave themselves in the same trap.  Rather than give up their long-held opinion that humans must in some way work to be saved, they reject the truth when they hear it.  A religion based on legalism, on the idea that salvation can be earned, has no peace or joy.  The idea of giving up food or praying in order to earn salvation offends God.  Nothing we can do will save us.  Only by giving up self as the center of our lives, and giving our hears and lives to Jesus can we find what we are searching for.  Then we become the “wine in new leather bags” with a message to share as we reflect the love of Jesus to the world. 


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