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The only officials hated more than the Roman tax collectors were the Jews who worked to collect the Roman taxes.  They were considered traitors to their people ~ worse than criminals.  

One such Jew was a man named Matthew.  As he listened to Jesus, the Holy Spirit worked on his heart.  He wanted to give his cheating, sinful life and follow Jesus.  But he knew that the other Jewish teachers and rabbis were like so he was sure that Jesus would want nothing to do with him.  

One day as Matthew sat at his tax booth, collecting taxes from the Jewish businessmen, he saw Jesus walking straight toward him.  To his astonishment, Jesus stopped right in front of him and said, “Follow Me.”  

So Matthew did.  He got up and left everything and followed Jesus.  He did not hesitate or think it over; he did not consider the money or the lifestyle he would be losing.  He just wanted to be with Jesus, to listen to His words, and to support His mission.  

It was the same when Jesus asked Peter, James, and John to follow Him.  They left their businesses and their income behind.  They did not ask, “What will I live on?  How will I take care of my family?”  

Matthew faced the same test that Andrew and Peter did.  At a moment of great success ~ when the nets were full of fish ~ Jesus asked them to leave it all behind for Him.  

Later, when Jesus asked, “Even though I sent you out without money or clothes or shoes, were you ever in need of anything?  they could truly answer, “No.  Nothing.”


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