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The leper threw himself to the ground at Jesus’ feet and cried, “Lord, if You will, You can make me clean.”  

“I will,”  Jesus said.  “Be clean.”  Then He reached out and touched the man.  Immediately, the leper changed.  His nerves were once again sensitive.  His muscles were firm and strong.  His skin became as pink and healthy as a child’s.  He was healed !  

Then Jesus said, “Do not say anything to anyone ~ just go and show yourself to the priests and follow the cleansing rituals.”  Jesus did not miss any opportunity to reach out to the priests and teachers.  By sending the cured leper to them, He was showing them His love for all humans, His respect for the law of Moses, and His power to save anyone from sin and death.  Healing and cleansing the leper shows us what Jesus wants to do with us and the sin in our lives.  Jesus did not become infected or unclean by touching the leper.  His power drove the leprosy out.  Sin in our lives is just as deadly as leprosy.  Only Jesus has the power to drive it out, to make us clean and give us a new life.  When we pray and ask to be saved from our sins, the answer is always an instant “Yes.” 


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