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Travelers from all over ~ from Damascus to Jerusalem, and Egypt to the Mediterranean ~ passed through its gates.  From farms and fishing boats came the goods that were traded in the city market.  It was a vibrant city, and full of life.  Jesus often stopped and stayed at Capernaum as He traveled back and forth across the land.  It was a place where He could meet people from many countries as they paused to rest from their travel.  Because of that, His teachings and the stories of His miracles were carried all over the known world.  In many places, sincere people began to ask about the prophecies and about God’s plans for this world.

In spite of the Sanhedrin’s warnings about Jesus, people everywhere wanted to learn more about Him and His mission.  The angels of heaven were busy working on people’s hearts, leading them to the Savior.  Nowhere was this truer than in Capernaum.  Everyone who heard Jesus teach was amazed.  The teachings they were used to hearing ~ from the scribes and elders ~ was extremely formal, very cold.  But Jesus’ words were full of life and power!  The words He used were clear and understandable.  His voice was like music to their ears after listening to the droning of the Pharisees.  

Jesus’ way was practical.  He did not ignore the importance of everyday life.  He showed how following God prepares a person to deal successfully with life.  Jesus used stories and illustrations taken from life around them ~ the birds, the flowers, seeds, the shepherd and the sheep.  These simple stories carried real lessons that the people remembered every time they saw a bird, a sheep, or a flower.  His words charmed those who were educated, but also were understood by those who had never studied in school.  Even with angry enemies all around Him, Jesus was surrounded by an atmosphere of peace.  Love showed in the look on His face and was heard in the tone of His voice.  It attracted people to Him.  


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