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In Capernaum lived a man who was paralyzed.  His disease was a direct result of his lifestyle of sin.  Besides his pain and wasted life, this man was greatly troubled by regret.  The paralyzed man sank into depression and gave up all hope.  Then he heard about Jesus.  His friends encouraged him to believe he could be cured if he could see Jesus.  But this man did not want to be healed as much as he wanted to be forgiven.  If he could be sure that God still loved him, dying would not matter.  He asked his friends to carry him to see this Jesus and they were happy to do it.  

Now Jesus was teaching that day in Peter’s house.  His disciples were inside the house sitting around their Master, and nearby were a number of Pharisees and teachers who had come to spy on Jesus.  Outside was an enormous crowd who had come to listen and watch for more miracles.  

The paralyzed man’s friends tried to push their way through the crowd as they carried the stretcher, but they could not.  As they began to give up hope, the man had an idea.  “Carry me up to the roof,” he suggested.  “We can go through from there and find Jesus.”  So that’s what they did.  The man’s friends carried him up on top of the house, then broke through the roof and lowered his stretcher down until he was lying at Jesus’ feet.  


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