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It was the same Voice that had given life to the dust of the earth in Eden.  Now it recreated the body of a forgiven man.  He jumped up from the floor as nimble as a growing boy.  Every organ in his body leaped to full life.  With new, strong muscles he picked up the stretcher as if it weighed no more than a feather and walked out through the crowd.  

Thousands today who suffer with disease are actually longing to hear those very same words:  “Your sins are forgiven.”  Only Jesus, the Healer of the soul, can give them health and strength again.  Jesus still has the same power today to forgive sinners and heal the sick.  

The Pharisees were amazed into silence.  Defeated and shamed, they recognized the presence of a superior Being in their midst.  But it did not change them.  They left Peter’s house determined to find a way to stop Jesus, to put an end to the Son of God.  

When the formerly paralyzed man got home, his family and friends could hardly believe their eyes and could hardly stop weeping for joy.  The body that was so shriveled now bounced with strength.  The face that was so depressed now glowed with joy and peace.  This man and his family were ready to lay down their lives for Jesus.  Nothing could weaken their faith in the One who brought light and life back to their once dark home.


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