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The night prior the disciples had spent a long, sad night on the lake, away from Jesus ~ filled with doubts.  But today, being near Him now reignited their faith and brought them joy and success.  The miracle with the fish in plain daylight for all to witness, had shown them that God would take care of them and their families.  Without a second thought, they left their nets and boats and followed Him.

It is the same with us.  Apart from Jesus, our work seems meaningless and wasted.  But when we work as He directs us, He inspires faith and hope, and His power is clear to see.  The One whose words gathered fish can also touch human hearts and direct them to His followers ~ His fishers of people.

Jesus could have chosen the “wise” and educated men of His day to be His disciples.  Education is a blessing when it is directed by God’s love.  But in their prejudice, they refused to be taught by someone like Jesus.  Their pride kept them from caring about the suffering people around them.  They disqualified themselves from the greatest education ever offered.  The first thing workers for God must learn is not to trust their own hearts.  They they are ready to trust Jesus and learn His character and His way.

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