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Jesus’ words cut like a knife to the root of the problem ~ the people’s pride.  It forced them to consider that maybe they had stopped listening to God, that maybe they were no longer His special people.  The faith Jesus’ words had stirred in their hearts turned to contempt.  Their anger and jealousy allowed Satan to push them to violence.  The congregation became an angry mob.  They grabbed Jesus and rushed Him out of their synagogue, and out of their city.

With shouts and curses, the crowd forced Jesus toward the edge of a nearby cliff, planning to shove Him off to die on the rocks below.  There, in the middle of the angry mob, while some were grabbing rocks to hurl at His head, something unexpected happened ~ Jesus disappeared.

The angels who stood by Him in the synagogue were still with Him in the middle of the angry mob.  When His life was in danger, they spread their protecting wings around Jesus and led Him to a place where He would be safe.

Throughout earth’s history, evil forces have threatened Jesus’ followers.  But armies of angels have protected them.  Only in heaven will we learn how many times God’s angels saved us from Satan’s plans.

Jesus wanted to save the people of Nazareth.  He wanted them to join His kingdom.  But they would not listen.  Near the end of His work in Galilee, Jesus visited His hometown one last time.  Since His first visit, the stories of His teachings and His miracles in Galilee had been told everywhere.  Not even the people of Nazareth could deny that He had more power than any human.  Near them were whole villages where not one person was sick or hurt, because Jesus had passed through and healed them all.


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