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Peter was no longer thinking about his boat or the fish.  This miracle, more than any of the others he had witnessed, showed him true divine power.  Now Peter saw Jesus as Someone who could control nature.  And he saw his sinful, doubting self compared to Jesus’ perfect holiness.

Suddenly, Peter was overwhelmed with real love for his Teacher and a new sense of his unworthiness to stand near the Son of God.  While his friends took care of the fish, Peter threw himself down in front of Jesus and said, “Lord, stay away from me ~ I am too sinful to be near You.”

Yet even as he said it, Peter grabbed on to Jesus’ feet, wishing never to be separated from Him.

Jesus must have smiled.  “Don’t be afraid, Peter,” He said.  “From now on, you will fish for people.”  Now that Peter could see his weak self clearly and his need to depend on Jesus, he was ready for his “call” ~ his invitation ~ to work for Jesus.

Up to this time, none of the disciples had completely joined Jesus’ work and ministry.  They had seen His miracles and heard Him teach, but they still worked at their regular jobs.  Now it was time for them to choose.  When Jesus reached the shore, He gave Andrew, James, and John the same call He had given Peter.  “Follow Me,” He said, “I will teach you to fish for people.”


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