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When He finished speaking, Jesus turned to Peter and said, “Take the boat farther out into the lake so you can drop your net and gather up some fish.”

Peter was tired and discouraged.  During his long hours of fishing the night before, he had been thinking of John the Baptist, who at that time was still locked in Herod’s dungeon.  How could Jesus succeed where John had failed ~ especially with the priests and rulers against Him?  

As the hours passed, even Peter’s fishing was a failure.  The future seemed dark and depressing.  

Finally, he answered Jesus.  “Master, we fished all night and caught nothing.  But if You say so, I’ll put out the nets.”

It seemed pointless ~ everyone knew that night was the only time to catch fish in a lake as clear as Galilee.  No one fished during the day.  But because Jesus said to, Peter and his brother Andrew let the net out into the water.  As they began to pull it back in, they were astonished to find the net so full of fish that it was in danger of ripping apart!

Quickly they called to James and John on the other boat for help.  Together, they managed to bring in so many fish that both boats were nearly swamped!


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