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Jesus picked simple fishermen because they had little to unlearn.  They had not been taught all the traditions and wrong customs of their time.  These men had natural talent, but more importantly, they were humble and teachable.  They were willing to follow Jesus and learn from Him.  In everyday life around us, many people go about their work unaware that they have the ability ~ if it were called upon ~ to  become honored and powerful leaders.

All that is needed is the touch of a skilled hand.  Jesus called men like these to work with Him.  After their training, they became like Him.  As a result, these simple men became preachers and teachers of such power that they went out and changed the world.  The people they became and the work that they did are a testimony of what God will do for all who are teachable and willing to follow His law and His way.  There is no limit to what people can do if they are willing to open their hearts to the Holy Spirit and dedicate their lives to God.

If we accept the needed discipline, God will teach us hour by hour and day by day.  God takes people as they are and educates them for His service, if they surrender themselves to Him.  The Holy Spirit, now invited into their hearts, will sharpen their minds and skills.  Weaknesses can become strengths through dependence on God.

The more time we spend with Jesus in prayer and devotions, the more we will become like Him.  We will have clearer insights and better judgment.  Then we will do great things for God.  Christians can always get the best education at the greatest school ~ they can sit at the feet of Jesus..  


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