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What an amazing sight this was to the angels of heaven!  Here was their Commander, their glorious Leader, sitting in a fisherman’s boat, rocked by the waves as He shared the good news of salvation.  The King of heaven was teaching the truths of His kingdom in the open air to the common people.

It was a perfect setting for His words.  The lake, the mountains, the fields bathed in sunlight ~ all became illustrations of the truths He was teaching.  Every lesson that He taught touched hearts and led people to accept Him.

The crowd onshore grew larger with each passing moment.  Old men leaning on their canes, strong farmers from the hills, fishermen from their boats on the lake, teachers ~ all came to hear His words.  The rich, the educated, the young, the old, those bringing their sick loved ones, all crowded close to listen to this Teacher sent from God.

Jesus saw beyond the crowd on the shore of Galilee.  Looking into the future, He saw His faithful followers as they struggled with life ~ in loneliness, in pain, in temptation, or in prison.  He saw them as they celebrated, as they fought, as they fought, as they sat confused and concerned.  The words that He spoke were for each of them as well.  Through the miracle of the Holy Spirit, the Voice speaking from the fisherman’s boat that morning would bring hope, comfort, wisdom, and peace to human hearts until the end of time.


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