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In an instant, the mood in the synagogue changed.  As the people realized that Jesus was claiming to be the Messiah, their happiness turned to anger.  “Who does this Jesus think He is?”  they asked.  “How can He claim to be the Messiah when we all know that He is just a carpenter’s son?  We have known Him since He was a baby!  We watched Him grown up and become a man.  Don’t His brothers and sisters still live here with us?  Sure, Jesus is a good person, but the Messiah?  I don’t think so!”

The more they thought about it, the angrier it made them.  None of His talk about the Messiah included driving out the Romans and becoming the new power in the world.  In fact, this Messiah sounded like someone who would want to look in their hearts and change them.  This made them pull back from His deep, searching eyes.  He intended to heal them, as if they were not already the children of Abraham, the people of God, the greatest people in the world!  Unseen to their eyes, Satan was working feverishly to turn them against Jesus.

Jesus then gave them proof of His divinity by reading their thoughts.  He reminded them of two stories from their history.  “A prophet is never accepted in his own country.  There were many widows in Israel in the days of Elijah.  But when the famine came, God sent Elijah to stay with a widow in another country.  There were many lepers in Israel during the days of Elish, but only Naaman of Syria was healed.”

Even though both prophets had given God’s messages to the people, very few believed them.  so God worked with those who did believe ~ wherever they were from ~ even if they did not know as much about God as the Israelites did . 


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