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Jesus had not promised that God would heal this man by the Bethesda pool.  The man could have doubted and never been healed.  But, he believed Jesus’ words and by responding when they were spoken, he was indeed healed.

With the same kind of faith, we can be spiritually healed.  Sin (evil) may have cut us off from God and left us with withering hearts.  By our own power, we can do no more to live a holy life than that sick man could move himself into the pool in Bethesda.  We can see our helplessness.  We desperately want to live as we should and we are struggling hard to make it happen.  And all the while, our Savior is leaning over us asking, “Do you want to be well?”  Do not wait to feel healed ~ believe God’s promise to heal you and go forward.  Like this man, you will be given the strength you need.  Whatever sin or evil thing is holding down your  heart or your body, Jesus is able to heal you.

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