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the Sabbath law says  that work to make a living should come to a halt, along with other efforts that have to do with the pursuit of worldly pleasure, profit, or selfish gain.  Just as God rested from creation on the seventh day, we should stop our DAILY routine/WORK, and save those HOLY hours for rest, worship, and WORK to help others.

The Pharisees ignored Jesus’ words about the Sabbath and focused on His words about God.  They could not argue with the scriptures He quoted ~ they could only try to turn people against Him.  “First He breaks the laws about the Sabbath and now He’s claiming that God is His Father.  He thinks He is equal with God.”

Now they were nearly beside themselves with rage.  If Jesus had not been so popular with the people, they would have killed Him on the spot.

Jesus of course denied their charges of blasphemy ~ of falsely claiming to be God.  “My right to do the things I do,” He told them, “is that I am the Son of God.  I am cooperating with Him in His work.”

Then the humble Man from Nazareth showed His true identity.  There He stood ~ the One who is worshiped by angels ~ the Son of God, One with the Master of the universe.  No human had ever spoken as He was doing or held himself with such majesty.  His words were unmistakable as He announced His authority in the world:

” ‘ The Father judges no one, but He has given the Son power to do all the judging so that all people will honor the Son just as much as they honor the Father’ ” ( John 5:22, 23).

The priests thought they were judging Jesus, but the opposite was happening.  Because Jesus identifies with humans, understands humans, and because He faced Satan and won, because He would die to offer them salvation, Jesus was qualified to judge all humans.  But HE DID NO SUCH THING, HE had not come to this world to judge it ~                           HE CAME TO SAVE IT.

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