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If the leaders of Israel had accepted Jesus as the Messiah, they would have had the honor of carrying His message to the world.  Instead, the jealousy and suspicion they harbored grew into hate.  They worked to turn the people away from Jesus.

After the Sanhedrin rejected Jesus’ message and decided to kill Him, Jesus left Jerusalem, the temple, the priests, and the people who thought they knew so much about God’s law.  He left Judea to find a different class of people with which to share His message.  He needed to find the ones who would carry the gospel to the whole world.

Just as Jesus was forced to turn away from the leaders of the Jewish religion, others have been forced to leave their churches to share the truth about God.  The leaders of the Reformation did not plan to leave the Catholic Church and start new churches.  But when their church leaders would not allow them to share new truths about God, they were forced to leave.  Even today, some people have to leave their very own churches to follow truth as they learn it from Scripture.

So Jesus traveled to the province of Galilee.  The teachers in Jerusalem considered the Galilean people rude and ignorant.  They were different ~ they were more earnest and less prejudiced.  They were more open to learning truth.  Galilee was very crowded with more non-Jewish people living there than in Judea.

As Jesus walked through the countryside, teaching and healing, people from the cities and villages began to follow wherever He went.  Others came from Judea and other provinces.  The crowds got so large and so enthusiastic that Jesus often had to hide.  At that time, it was dangerous for large groups to gather because the Romans considered every crowd a potential for revolt against them.

But the people would not stay away.  Never before had the world seen or heard anything like this.  It was as if heaven had come down to earth.  The love Jesus showed and taught was like a feast to people starving for truth ~ for an understanding of Almighty God.


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