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If the priests and teachers had not kept on interfering among the people.  Jesus’ teachings would have started a revival that would have changed history.  But in order to keep their power, the Jewish priests and leaders worked to discredit Jesus.  By forcing Him to appear before the Sanhedrin, they could make people doubt Him.  The people still had great respect for their (crooked) leaders, and if they publicly charged Jesus with breaking their laws, many would turn away from His teachings.

The priests tried to paint Jesus as not only guilty of ignoring the laws of their religion, but also guilty of treason to their country.  They suggested that Jesus was trying to undermine the customs of the nation, to create division among the people so that the Romans could step in and completely control the nation.

These plans did not come first from the Sanhedrin.  After Satan failed to trip up Jesus in the desert, he made plans with his fallen angels to blind the minds of the Jews so that they would not (could not) recognize Jesus as their Messiah.  By leading the Jewish leaders to reject Jesus and make His life and work as painful as possible, Satan hoped to discourage Jesus into giving up His mission. 


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