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The Pharisees had twisted the God’s laws badly, especially the law concerning the Sabbath keeping.  The Pharisees and teachers added hundreds of rules that spelled out exactly what could and could not be done.  In other words DOOM, for simple, child-like FAITH.  The Pharisees made the Sabbath a pain instead of what God had intended a joy to keep.

God did not give us any commandments that cannot be kept by ALL people.  The healed man later went by the temple to give an offering of thanks, Jesus saw him there and spoke to him again.  “See, you are well now.  Stay away from that sinful lifestyle so nothing worse happens to you.”

What the Pharisees really wanted was to discredit Jesus in the eyes of the people.  In spite of everything they had said and done, He was gaining influence with the crowds and the Pharisees were losing it.

Many who were not interested in the critical lectures of the Pharisees listened to the teachings of Jesus.  They could understand the words He used.  He talked about God as a caring Father instead of a harsh judge.  He showed what God was like by His own actions.  By His works and His words, Jesus was breaking the power of the old traditions and man-made commandments.  He was showing a true picture of the love of God.


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