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In spite of his doubts, John did not give up.  He remembered the Voice from heaven, the power of the Spirit that had touched him when he announced Jesus, and the promises of the Scriptures.  He sent two of his disciples to Jesus with a special mission.  

When they found Jesus they asked, “Are you the Messiah or should we look for someone else?”  Their question must have been bitterly disappointing to Jesus.  If John, His faithful prophet, did not understand His mission, how would anyone?  All day long, John’s disciples watched Jesus.  Finally, He said to them, “Go tell John what you saw and heard here.”  They carried the message and John understood.  He began to realize that Jesus’ kingdom was not about swords and armies, but about changing people’s lives AND HEARTS.  He also saw that the Jewish leaders would never accept that kind of Messiah.  He knew that his own prison sentence was a small taste of how Jesus would someday suffer.  Once again, John surrendered himself ~ in prison or out, in life or death ~ to God’s plan.  Jesus’ heart went out to John.  He did not want people to think that God had forsaken John.  Or that John had given up his faith.  Even in prison, John’s loyalty to God and commitment to His principles were firm as a rock.  


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