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Jesus was walking alone in Jerusalem, praying and thinking, when He came to the Bethesda pool.  He ached to heal every one of them there.  But it was the Sabbath day, and healing all these people on the Sabbath would cause trouble.  It would create so much criticism and hatred among the Pharisees and leaders that His work might be stopped.  

Under one of the porches was a man who had been crippled for thirty-eight years.  Since the disease had been caused by his own lifestyle, most saw his fate as punishment from God.  With no friends or family to help him, the man had spent long years feeling alone and cursed by God.  Jesus just could not walk away from this man.

As the sick man lay on his mat ~ lifting his head occasionally to stare at the water ~ a kind, caring face appeared above him.  A voice said, “Do you want to be well?”

For a moment, hope filled the man’s heart.  Then reality came crashing back.  With a sigh, he answered, “Sir, I have no one to help me to the pool when the water ripples.  Someone else always gets there first.”

Jesus did not ask for a show of faith.  He did not ask the man to believe in Him.  He simply said, “Stand up.  Pick up your bedding and walk.”

The man did not ask any questions.  He did not hesitate.  He just moved to stand up and as he did, his muscles responded.  With strength and energy they had not felt in years, his arms and legs came to life and he leaped to his feet.


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