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” ‘ I tell you the truth, whoever hears what I say and believes in the One who sent me HAS eternal life’ ” ( John 5:24)  

As His final proof to them that He was the Messiah, Jesus promised that God would call the dead to life through Him.  

The priests and leaders refused to see it, Jesus had broken their traditions and ignored their authority, so they would not believe in Him.  They criticized Jesus for doing exactly what He came to do ~ His Father’s work.  They felt no need to depend on a Higher Power, but Jesus had surrendered His will to His Father and depended on Him completely.  He did not many any plans for Himself.  Instead He followed the plans His Father unfolded each day.

We should completely depend on our Father in heaven.  He gives us work and the ability to do it.  As long as we surrender our will to God and trust His strength and wisdom, we will be guided to do our part in His plan.  Depending on our own wisdom and power will separate us from God and place us on the side of Satan.

The Sadducees ~ the other major religious group in the Sanhedrin ~ taught that there would be no resurrection after death.  But Jesus told them that one of His Father’s greatest works was to raise the dead.  He said, “The time is coming when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and live again.”  These people would witness the truth of the resurrection and the power of God.  That same power can also give new life to those trapped in sin.  Faith in that power will keep our souls free and pure.

Jesus did not apologize for His healing and He did not explain His reasons to them.  He turned their charges around and scolded them for having such closed minds and for being ignorant of the Scriptures they claimed they studied.  

” ‘ You carefully study the Scriptures because you think they give you eternal life.  They do in fact tell about me, but you refuse to come to me to have eternal life’ ” ( John 5:39, 40)

Every page of the Old Testament ~ every story, every prophecy, every sermon ~ pointed to God’s plan of salvation, to the coming Messiah.  From the promise given in the Garden of Eden, down through the ages, God’s words to humanity promised that the Savior was coming.  Every sacrifice in the temple showed His death.


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