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Monthly Archives: July 2014

The officer suddenly saw his own lack of faith.  With a stab of pain, he realized that his doubt might cost the life of his son.  Jesus recognized the officer’s new found faith, and love for his dying child.  He said, ” ‘ Go.  Your son will live’ ” (John 4:50).

At that same moment back in Capernaum, something happened.  The sick child fell into a deep, restful sleep.

To the officer everything was different.  As he traveled toward home, all of nature seemed to be praising God with him.  When he was still some distance from home, his servants rushed to meet him.  Being anxious to tell him the wonderful news.  “Your son is alive and well!” they must have shouted.

But he wasn’t surprised to hear it.  He asked, “When did my son begin to get well?”

“Yesterday, at the seventh hour,” they answered.

It was the exact moment when Jesus spoke the words, “Your son will live.”

The entire city of Capernaum was prepared to meet Jesus, to listen to His teachings, and to follow Him.

Many times we turn to Jesus when we want something.  But Jesus wants to give us something greater than what we ask for ~ He wants to share a true friendship, one that doesn’t wait for a crisis or a selfish request before we speak with Him.

Like the officer from Capernaum, we need to learn to believe God before He answers our prayers.  We can trust His promises.  When we ask for God’s blessing, we can believe we have it and thank Him for it, knowing that it will come when we need it most.

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