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Monthly Archives: June 2014

The news of His return spread through the countryside, bringing hope to many of the sick and suffering people.  In the town of Capernaum, a Jewish officer of the king heard about Jesus.  This officer had a son who was sick; in fact, the doctors had given up on the boy and left him to die.

When the father heard about Jesus, he decided to go to Cana and ask Jesus to help his son.  Pressing through the jostling crowdhe saw only a plainly dressed man, as dusty from walking the roads as he was himself.  With a breaking heart, he almost lost faith that this common-looking person could do anything to help.  But since he was there, he went ahead with his plan.  Asking for a chance to speak to Jesus, he explained his need.  “My son is dying.  Please, you must come with me and heal him.”

But Jesus already knew about the sick child.  Before the officer had even left his home, Jesus had seen the painful situation.  He also knew that the father had decided that he would not accept Jesus as the Messiah unless Jesus healed his son.  

With all the stories of Jesus’ miracles being told all around him, the man would believe in Jesus only if a miracle happened for him.  Jesus must have shaken His head as He remembered the simple faith of the Samaritans who asked for no miracles.  It hurt to think that His own people, who had been given the Holy Scriptures, could fail to hear the voice of God speaking to them through His Son.

Jesus said to the man,”you people must see signs and wonders before you will believe in me’ ” (John 4:48).  Jesus wanted to do more than just heal the child.  He wanted to bring the family a true understanding of God’s love and His plan to save them.  He wanted them to be a light in the darkness of Capernaum, a city where Jesus would soon be teaching and healing.

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