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as they traveled toward Galilee, Jesus and His disciples passed through Samaria ~ at noon, they reached the beautiful Shechem valley and stopped to rest at Jacob’s well ~ tired from the long morning’s walk, Jesus waited at the well while the disciples went into town to buy food for their meal ~ the Jews and the Samaritans were bitter enemies ~ they avoided dealing with each other as much as possible ~ by the teachings of the Jewish leaders, a Jew could not borrow anything from a Samaritan or accept anything from one ~ not even a bit of food or a drink of water ~ one could buy from them only what was absolutely necessary ~ no socializing or mingling with them was allowed ~

as Jesus waited in the hot sun, His hunger and thirst grew ~ even though He was waiting by a well of cool, refreshing water ~ He had no rope or jar to lower into the deep well to reach it ~ like any other human would have to do, He waited, thirsty ~ for someone with a jar to come and draw out water ~

a woman from the Samaritan town walked up, she did not appear to notice Jesus ~ but lowered her pitcher into the well and drew out her water ~ as she turned to go, Jesus asked her for a drink ~ The King of heaven, the One who created the oceans ~ and controls the rivers and streams, was dependent on a stranger’s kindness for a drink of water ~

it was not a request she could deny ~ in that culture, providing a drink to a thirsty traveler was a sacred responsibility ~ because of the hate between the Samaritans and the Jews, she could not offer Jesus a drink ~ but He was looking for a way to her heart ~ by asking for a favor instead of offering one, He started to build trust with her ~

the woman saw that Jesus was a Jew ~ she was so shocked that He would speak to her that she forgot to give Him a drink ~ she could only ask, “why would you ask me for a drink, since you are a Jewish man and I am a Samaritan woman?” ~

Jesus answered, “you are surprised that I would ask for something so small as a drink of water from this well ~ if you has asked Me, I would have given you a drink of the water of eternal life” John 4:10 ~

she did not understand what Jesus meant ~ she saw Him as just another dusty, thirsty traveler ~ “Sir, this well is deep and you do not even have a jar to draw water out ~ how could you have given me any water? are You a better person than our ancestor Jacob who dug this well?” ~ she did not realize that the One Jacob had looked for ~ the Messiah ~ was right in front of her ~ how many people today, thirsty for eternal truth, are searching everywhere but in the Bible on their bookshelf? ~

Jesus did not argue with her ~ He did not even answer her question ~ He said, “everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give will never be thirsty” John 4:13, 14 ~

those who try to quench their thirst with what the world offers will be left unsatisfied ~ people everywhere are searching for something that meets the needs of their hearts ~ only Jesus can do that ~ the grace He can give is like living water ~ it purifies, refreshes, and strengthens the soul ~ Jesus was not saying that only one drink of His living water was needed ~ anyone who experiences His love will be back for more ~ He was saying that nothing else ~ not riches, fame, or pleasure ~ would attract them the same way ~ the heart will constantly cry for more of His love ~ and more is always available ~ we can drink and drink again ~

the woman stared in amazement as Jesus spoke ~ she knew He was not talking about the water in the well beside them ~ she drank it every day and always had to return for more ~ “give me this water, Sir” she asked, “so, I will never be thirsty and never have to come to this well again” ~


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