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when the disciples returned from town with food, they were more than a bit surprised to find their Teacher talking to a woman ~ they could see that He had not had a drink, and He did not stop His conversation to eat ~ when the woman left, Jesus sat silently, His face glowing with joy ~ the disciples were afraid to disturb Him, but they knew He was weak and hungry ~ finally they urged Him, “Teacher, eat something” John 4:31 

Jesus answered, “I have eaten food that you do not know about” when the disciples wondered who had brought Him food, He explained, “My food is to do what the One who sent Me wants Me to do and to finish His work” John 4:34

to help someone who was honestly searching for truth, to see the faith in the Samaritan woman’s eyes, was enough to make Jesus forget about things like eating and drinking ~ this is what He lived for, this is why He came to earth ~ to Him, it brought the same kind of joy that a mother feels the first time her child smiles at her ~

the woman was almost overwhelmed with joy and hope ~ she ran back to the city, leaving her water jar at the well ~ Jesus knew why she had left so quickly ~ she forgot why she had come to the well and forgot to give Jesus the drink of water He had asked her for ~ all she could think about was telling other people about this remarkable Man and His message ~

she went straight to the leaders of the city ~ “come and meet a man who knows everything I have ever done ~ He must be the Messiah!”   it was the look on her face as much as her words, but their hearts were touched ~ they had to meet the Man who could make such a change in this woman ~

Jesus still sat beside the well, looking out over green fields of grain waving in the bright sunshine ~ beyond them, He could see the crowd of people coming out from the city ~ pointing to the grain, He said to His disciples, “would you say that there are still four months until harvest time?”  I say, look closer ~ these fields are ripe and ready to harvest” 

Jesus could see that the words He had spoken were seeds that would quickly bring a harvest of believers ~ He also knew that most of the seeds He planted in His ministry would be harvested at a later time by His disciples ~ it would be their privilege to be there when the Holy Spirit overflowed on the Day of Pentecost ~ when thousands would be converted in one single day ~  


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