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even though the Jews were not ready to accept Jesus, the Samaritans were ~ following the woman back to the well, they crowded around Him, listened to Him, and believed ~ He answered their questions and explained things they had never understood before ~ it was as if a bright ray of light had burst into their dark world ~ they begged Jesus to come back to their city, to speak to their friends and families, to teach them more ~

Jesus stayed with them for two more days, and many more Samaritans believed in Him ~ in Israel, the Pharisees despised Jesus’ simple, humble life ~ they ignored His miracles and demanded proof that He was the Son of God ~ but the Samaritans did not demand any proof ~ Jesus performed no miracles for them, except in telling the woman at the well her life’s secrets ~ but many of them believed ~ they told the woman, “now we believe that He is the Messiah, the Saviour of the world ~ not because of what you told us, but because we heard Him ourselves”

with this visit to Samaria, Jesus began to break down the walls between Jews and Gentiles ~ even though He was a Jew, He cared nothing about the Pharisees’ customs ~ He ignored their prejudice and accepted the hospitality of the despised Samaritans, He slept in their homes, ate at their tables, taught in their streets, and treated them with kindness and courtesy ~ the temple in Jerusalem had a low wall in the courtyard that only Jews could go past ~ but Jesus, the Creator and Reason for the temple ~ brought His salvation out to the Gentiles, to the rest of the world ~

Jesus’ time in Samaria was designed to be a blessing to His disciples ~ they felt that being loyal to their own country meant being enemies with the Samaritans ~ they were amazed at Jesus’ actions, in time they would follow in His footsteps ~ after Jesus returned to heaven, after the Holy Spirit fell on the them all, the disciples remembered their days in Samaria and Jesus’ kindness and respect for their enemies ~

when Peter went to preach in Samaria, he went with the same kind of love ~ when John was called to Ephesus and Smyrna, he remembered those days and their divine Teacher ~ who knew what was ahead and had given them an example to follow ~ 

when Jesus sat down to rest at Jacob’s well, He had come from Judea where His work had not impressed many ~ the priests and teachers rejected Him ~ even the people who followed Him did not really understand who He was ~ He was weak and tired, but He did not hesitate when the opportunity came to speak to a woman in need ~ a stranger, an enemy of Israel, and a sinner with a bad reputation ~ those who claim to be Christians sometimes shun the outcasts of society ~ but no social shame, no race or nationality, no circumstances in life, can keep Jesus’ love from any person no matter how sinful ~ the Gospel is for everyone ~ 

Jesus never waited for a crowd to gather ~ often He began to teach with only a few people around ~ but one by one, people passing by heard His words and stopped to listen ~ before long, a crowd was captivated by the words of God spoken by this Teacher from heaven ~ anyone speaking for Jesus can speak as easily to a small group as to a large crowd ~ Even if only one person hears the message, who knows how  far it may reach or how many may be changed by hearing it? 

the Samaritan woman was a more effective missionary than the disciples ~ she brought a whole city to hear Jesus ~ today, every disciple is born into God’s kingdom as a missionary ~ whoever drinks the living water becomes a fountain for others ~ the grace of Jesus in a person’s heart is like a stream in the desert, refreshing all and saving those who are dying of thirst ~ eager for the water of life ~ 


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