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Jesus knew the religious leaders would do everything they could do to cause conflict between His disciples and John’s ~ to avoid any misunderstanding or problems ~ He stopped His work there and returned to Galilee ~ when a situation threatens to cause problems and divide people ~ we should follow the example set by Jesus and John ~

John had given a powerful call to reform and return to God ~ those who followed him faced the danger of focusing too much on him and his work ~ it was easy for them to lose sight of the fact that John was only an instrument used to point people to Jesus ~ 

John was not called to begin the Christian church ~ he finished his work so that Jesus’ mission could begin ~ but his disciples could not understand this ~ when Jesus took over the work, they were jealous ~ the same thing happens today ~

God calls a person to do a certain work and when it has been carried as far as that person can, He brings in others to carry it further ~ but jealousy can arise when some feel that the success was because of the work rather than because of God ~ this is where we need the spirit of John the Baptist ~ his example of stepping aside so that God’s plan could go forward should be an example and an inspiration to all who follow God today ~


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