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~ it is fascinating to look back over the ages and see the great controversy between Christ and Satan ~ the battle always has been over the issue of authority ~ the strategy of the evil one has been a two-pronged attack on God’s claims to be the Creator ~ first, by the theory of evolution with its humanistic doctrine of natural selection  ~ second, by an age-long effort to destroy the observance of the seventh-day Sabbath, our sole reminder of God”s power of creation ~

we can only say in passing that each of these hellish attempts to discredit God’s authority has produced a bitter success beyond all expectation ~

millions have been turned into religious skeptics and agnostics as a result of Darwin’s doctrine of organic evolution ~ denying any fall of man which would necessitate a Saviour from sin, evolution struck at the plan of redemption as well as the fact of creation ~ in a similar way, Satan’s attacks on the Sabbath have led millions to disobey the one commandment in the Decalogue which God had made the specific test of obedience to the entire law ~

a successful plan to subvert the loyalty of millions who were devoted to the true God required a masterpiece of satanic strategy ~ it would take time ~ it would involve centuries of deceptive mind-bending ~ there would be no dramatic turn from serving
God to serving Satan ~ the secret would be to win obedience through religious subterfuge ~

Satan understood the principle behind Romans 6:16  ” do you not know, that to whomever you give yourselves up to serve in bondage, his Servants you are, whom you obey, whether you listen to sin or to righteousness?” ~ 

obedience is the highest form of allegiance and worship ~ if Satan could create an issue that would cause people to disobey God, he had an even chance of winning their obedience to his cause ~ the decisive contest would take place over the law of God ~ it constituted the foundation of God’s government ~ how could Satan destroy confidence  in the law and make people obey him instead?  and which commandment should he attack? ~

obviously, the one which pointed to God’s power of creation, His right to rule ~ as the identifying sign of the true God, the Sabbath has always been an object of satanic hate ~ God had chosen the Sabbath as a test of loyalty to His law in the Old Testament ~ “that I may prove them, whether they will walk in My law, or not”  Exodus 16:4


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