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since God had made the Sabbath the test point of all the Ten Commandments, Satan determined to make it the giant issue of the ages ~ by destroying the Sabbath, Satan would be prepared to launch his super-plan of deception to claim obedience to a counterfeit day of worship ~

manipulating the weakness of a compromised Christianity which had slowly acceded to pagan influences, Satan set up his masterpiece ~ a worldwide church-state ~ which would ruthlessly enforce compliance with his counterfeit system of worship ~ for over a thousand years, beginning with the so-called conversion of the pagan Emperor Constantine, the dark history of apostasy unfolded ~

the first act of the newly-professed Christian emperor was to make a law against Sabbath-keeping and to institute other laws requiring rest on the first day of the week, a wild solar holiday dedicated to pagan sun worship ~ we will not dwell, upon the well-documented history of the papal church councils which enforced the observance of the pagan Sunday on pain of death ~

the facts are well-known to those who have been willing to search the records with an open mind ~ during the fourth and fifth centuries, the first day of the week was exalted by papal decree to displace the true Sabbath of the Bible ~ unfortunately, prejudices and false information have led thousands of Christians to close their eyes to the overwhelming historical evidences of this substitution

~ Satan has worked too long on his opposition system to allow it to be rejected easily ~ through the ages he has perfected a series of subtle false arguments to bolster obedience to his counterfeit day of worship ~ he still hates the Sabbath which identifies the true God

~ only as we expose these attacks on the seventh-day Sabbath will we be able to understand why millions continue to observe the first day of the week, a day for which there is not a single supporting Bible text ~ no one disagrees with the meaning of God’s handwritten law, ” the seventh day is the Sabbath of the LORD … in it thou shalt not do any work” yet millions do not obey ~

no one can deny the overwhelming evidence of Sunday’s pagan origin, yet millions keep it instead of the plainly commanded Sabbath of the Ten Commandments ~ why? ~ I repeat, the reason is rooted in the clever arguments of Satan which have created a climate of prejudice against the holy Sabbath of the LORD ~ we will now see the delusion behind those arguments ~   

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