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~ numerous surveys and questionnaires have confirmed that the most popular form of modern skepticism is to deny the creation story.  72% of ministers interviewed expressed varying degrees  of doubt that God actually spoke the world into existence according to the biblical account ~ this fundamental disbelief has led to the rejection of other foundational doctrines of Christendom such as the virgin birth and the atonement ~

~ it is interesting to note that God apparently anticipated a lot of controversy over the Genesis account ~ His claims of manufacturing all the staggering mass of matter by merely commanding it to exist ~ well, there would certainly be doubters and disbelievers of such an account ~ and even those who read about it and believed it would soon forget the miraculous fact under the confusing influence of a million false gods who would rise ~

~ so God needed to do something unusual to preserve the knowledge of His mighty act of creation ~ that power to speak heaven and into existence would distinguish Him from all the counterfeit gods and their deceptive claims ~ what could He do that would constantly point mankind back to the focal week of creation when He forever established His divine authority?




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