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Because Jesus spoke with the authority of a king and they could not resist the power of His voice.  When He spoke, they saw clearly that they were really hypocrites and thieves.  When divinity flashed through Him, they saw more than just Jesus’ anger; they saw how serious His words were.  They felt as if God had judged them for eternity.  For a time, they were certain that He was a prophet ~ many of them even thought He was the Messiah.  The Holy Spirit worked in their hearts, reminding them of the prophecies that had come to pass.  Would they accept Jesus and turn from their selfish lives?

They would not. They knew they were guilty. Now they were also humiliated in the eyes of the people, people would see Jesus as a hero. Slowly and thoughtfully, with hatred in their hearts, they returned to the temple to challenge Him and His authority.


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